Strong Landing Pages Are About Much More Than Glamour And Glitz

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Although they are attempting to do the right thing, many online marketers are dumping money down the drain every day of the week when they endeavor to be more efficient.They've contracted people to create a Web site that features their products and communicates information about their business that they anticipate will attract customers. If you had a presence up on the 'Net, the logic went, people would locate it out of simple curiosity, and that virtual neon sign presented on a stretch of lonely highway would suffice.The trouble is, that school of thought may have held more water 15 years ago, when the majority of businesses were at the beginning stages of developing their Web strategies. All of this seems like times past now as businesses have become increasingly informed about adapting their online identity to their best advantage.Landing page redesign is one of the most prevalent stumbling blocks for businesses that spend a great deal of capital and yet end up with an inefficient Web site.

A landing page's chief function is to greet and convert potential clients, the latter function meaning transforming the person browsing your site into a paying customer.Showy graphics and photos do not make a successful landing page, and that very common perception to the contrary is responsible for untold wasted budgets. Moving around the elements on your landing page is a measure frequently touted as a method of augmenting the page's function.Many consider that a more contemporary look, or pictures of attractive people will help boost sales and lead to a better conversion rate, but those changes don't help visitors find what they're after. If you're going to make positive changes to a landing page, your concept of landing page design needs to include a comprehension of the mental processes a potential buyer will be going through before he can be persuaded to become a customer.

An SEO company can help lead more prospects to your landing page by making it more likely to show up close to the top of a list of search results. But transporting visitors to the page is one thing, and convincing them to take the extra step and do business with you is another.You've got to create the electricity that will inspire trust and confidence in you and your firm, and then visitors will become inspired to buy from you. Once you tap into the emotional triggers that inspire shoppers to convert to clients, then you will begin to understand the prospect's needs and concerns that you must address.With your newfound understanding of customer psychology, your landing page will take on an entirely different perspective and you'll inspire the kind of belief that leads to sales.