Using Press Releases in Your SEO Campaign

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Every business needs publicity to reach its audience. Getting the word out through publicity and brand awareness is what builds more credibility. A PR basically is a free yet effective way to get publicity. PR are an effective marketing tool to gain visibility to the world. Not only will a PR bring traffic to your businesses website it can show up in Google's search results in as little as 24 hours. Unlike the long term organic SEO campaign for a website, with the proper SEO techniques, press releases will get indexed and can show up instantly on the first page.On any given day there are thousands of press releases being distributed by the leading wire services. Publishing a well-optimized PR has the power to give you great exposure, especially if you publish it on recognized sites Remember the amount of visibility you can get from a PR depends heavily on how well optimized and how well-written your press release is. In order to set your press release apart from the pack you need to effectively implement the use of search engine optimization.SEO doesn't really matter if your content doesn't interest the reader. Make sure that people outside of your specific industry can also understand the press release.

You need to capture the attention of your audience with some newsworthy information. If the PR is just written as an advertisement people will not be interested in reading it and you will also lose the benefit of having any traffic spill over to your website or blog.Choosing the right keywords and phrases for your PR is an important part of the process of SEO. The use of keywords needs to be utilized throughout the press release. They are especially important in the title. The title of the press release often becomes the title tag on pr distribution sites and the title tag is a very important part of what helps a page rank for a search term.Your keywords should be relevant to the content.

Be specific with your keywords for example instead of "jacket" you can specify to "black leather jacket". Long tail keywords will help you get better targeted traffic to read the press release. The Google keyword tool is very useful in helping to find relevant keyword ideas.The PR should be broken down into five technical parts: title, summary, body, about the company and press contact. It is important to optimize throughout the pr as search engines will pick out parts that contain the searched keywords to use as the summary in the search engine results. If you follow these basic steps you will boost your exposure and visibility to users searching for your product or service.

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